December 9, 2011

Yarn Challenge: The 1970's & A Few Other Things

So, long time no blog posts.  Sorry about that the blog just kept getting bumped down on the to do list of things now that Hello Purl is growing.  Jessie and I are so excited, we are looking into offering some fun new fibers so look out for that in the new year.  Gasp, that is right around the corner.  This will probably be my last blog post for the year too (unless we get to 300 Facebook fans before the new year then we will host a giveaway on the blog).  For the new year I am planning lots of fun stuff for our blog so stay tuned.

Now on to the yarn challenge.  I am participating in a yarn challenge with a few online fiber friends and the theme of this challenge was the decades represented in yarn.  Each person was given a decade to translate into a skein of yarn and mine was 1970's.  This is my yarn...

To make "That 70's Yarn" I carded a batt of wool, mohair locks, wensleydale locks and angelina sparkle and spun it while having some commercial yarn auto wrapped and then added vintage 1970's sheets cut into strips (some spun then tied in and other strips just spun in).  I hope you think in captures the essence of the 1970's.