March 4, 2011

My Studio

I want to invite you inside my studio.  About a moth ago my studio was in my very cold basement, so it wasn't getting much use.  I asked my very wonderful husband to turn part of our living room into my new studio.  He agreed.  We don't entertain guest very often (both of our boys birthday's are in the summer so everyone could just go outside) and the kids toys were taking over the living room anyways so making the living room smaller would work for our family.

My studio is behind the couch

It is nice because I can work when the kids are playing nicely (only if that could happen more often) in the living room, or I can put on a movie while I work at the table.  It is nice and warm upstairs too.  Nap time is a great time of day because I can get some work done without interruptions and I'm really close by when they wake up.
I have my computer in the corner and work table next to it.  I keep my spinning wheel and fiber in my studio as well.  I recently put up a gate to block the children from entering because I don't want anything broken.  The hardest thing is trying to keep the area clean, since I am a bit messy.  I would love to figure out some way to disguise the studio from the living room part a little better.  Any suggestions?  Right now it when you walk in it is like whoa there is a studio behind your couch.

My work desk in my studio

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  1. Hey Melissa, just stopped by to meet you. Love your work!
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