February 24, 2012

Wool Over Wire

So I decided to give core-spinning wool over wire a try.  I saw this technique when I first started spinning so I didn't think I was even close to attempting it a year and a half ago but last week I gave it a try.  I learned how to core-spin where you wrap your fibers over a another piece of yarn or crochet thread.  So instead of wrapping your fibers over yarn I wrapped them over wire.  I used some 26 gauge wire I had from my previous jewelry making crafts, carded a batt from wool, bamboo, soy silk, recycled sari silk and of course some Angelina for sparkle.  This is what I got:

Wire-spun yarn!

Fiber core-spun over wire.

I then decided it would be fun to make some jewelry with the wire yarn.  So I knit a rectangle for the necklace on size 15 needles and stretched it out a bit.  For the bracelet I knit another longer rectangle and bent the wire so it would curve.  I use one of Jessie's handmade buttons for the clasp part.  This is what I got:

Wire-spun yarn and knit necklace and cuff.

Wire-spun yarn knit into a necklace.

Cuff knit from wire-spun yarn with a handmade button.

Back view of cuff / bracelet

What do you think?

February 17, 2012

A Fantistic Fiber Friday

I'm giving you some fiber eye candy today and want to let you know about a few things.  I did an interview with Spin Artiste blog and you can find out more about me if you head over and check it out.  There will be some yummy fiber given away soon so check back with the Spin Artiste blog for all the details.

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February 16, 2012


The thing I'm loving this week is yarn.  Well I think I'm going to be loving it every week.  Who wouldn't love it.  I just can't help it I love yarn!  I hope you love yarn too.  
I love to make it and knit with it.  It can help you create many wonderful things.  It can be very functional or just plain beautifully decorative.

I've been loving yarn for five and half years.  How long have you been loving it?

February 3, 2012

Textured Art Yarn Tex Ritter Style

I dove into Jacey Boggs book Spin Art and wanted to share with you one of the yarns I made.  I named the yarn purple lotus and I used the Tex Ritter technique.

"Purple Lotus" handspun textured art yarn by Melissa of Hello Purl

It is a combination of auto-wrapping and core-spinning (you'll have to buy the book or take her class to learn exactly how it is done).  I used a fiber art batt carded by Jessie (my friend and business partner),  hand-dyed mohair locks by a fiber friend (Maiysha at Zebisis Designs) that I pulled and fluffed before spinning and some hand-dyed brushed mohair yarn by another fiber friend (Tracey from Interlacements).