March 28, 2011

March Phat Fiber Box

So I got my Phat Fiber box for March!  It came in the mail last week and it is lovely.  What is a Phat Fiber box you might ask, well I'll tell you.  It is a box of samples of fiber and or yarn and coupons from indie (independent) businesses.  I love to support the little guy.  I grabbed the box of fluff and boy do they go fast.  Every month the fiber artist put together samples based on the month's theme.  The theme for March is Sweet Shop and boy is it yummy!

March Phat Fiber box of fluff

A few of the fiber samples.

More fiber samples.

More fiber samples, a pin and a couple stitch markers.

I am going to spin up my fluff samples separately and use them in my yarn jewelry (shhh I will show you what I am talking about when I open my Etsy shop).  I might save a few of the more natural colored samples and card them together (when I finally get my drum carder).  Hum, what to do with all that fluff?

March 21, 2011

Inspiration: The Circus

I took the family to the circus a few weeks ago.  We had fun looking at all the different animals, bright lights and colors.  I was especially drawn to the performers with the elephants, who wore flashy costumes.  The costumes were bright blue, yellow and orange, very inspiring. When I do some fiber dying in the spring and summer I am going to make a colorway of bright blue, yellow, orange and brownish gray (the color of the elephants).  I may even add a little sparkle.  I found some inspiration in the colors of the circus.  Where do you find inspiration?