May 20, 2013

Creative Carding Simply Spun Yarn

I took the highly creative Lexi Boeger of Pluckyfluff's class Creative Carding Simply Spun at this year's Shepard's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival in Lake Elmo Minnesota.  I carded three totally textured, add-in filled sparkly batts.  I then spun a bobbin full from a batt and a half and proceded to navajo (chain) ply it.  Here it is:

Lexi was so nice and taking the class (and a plying class with her) has really inspired me (I hope these photos inspire you).  It was fun to just let go from creating coordinating color batts and going crazy with the add-ins.  So I'm going to be making lots more of these amazing batts and some yarns too.   If you love how this yarn turned out and think you would want to spin a crazy batt I'm now offering what I call Hello Purl PARTY Batts in our Etsy shop.  These batts will have lots of textured wools in a mix of (totally random) colors plus all the fun add-ins like sari silk, yarns bits even feathers!