April 27, 2011

What's on My Wheel Wednesday: Art Yarn!

 I spun up a beautiful art batt from Neauveau Fiber Arts.  The batt is called Tinkerbell and it had lots of sparkle and some wool curls.  I spun it thick and thin, kind of however it wanted to be spun.  Then plied it with silver sparkly thread.  This was my first real art yarn I've spun and I think it turned out very pretty.  It is a bit over spun and I am hoping it will balance when I set the yarn.  What do you think of it?  Have you spun some art yarn?  I would love to see it.

Some fiber from the art batt

The single I spun.

The Yarn plied with silver thread.

The finished art yarn.

A close up of the art yarn I spun.

April 22, 2011

April Phat Fiber Box for Friday Fiber

I am glad it is Friday because on Fridays I would like to talk about some fun fiber.  This Friday I am going to share the package of fiber samples I got in the mail this week.  Yep that is right you guessed it I snagged an April Phat Fiber Box.  The fluff box of course.  The theme is butterflies and flutterbys and it got me wanting spring to come even sooner.  I think my favorite is the ladybug beaded spinning FUNkit by Fun House Fibers it is a super cute bat in red and black, the packing was really creative too.  I can't wait to spin it.

The box filled with fun fluff!

Stitch markers and coupon codes.

Closer view of the fluff.

The FunKit from Fun House Fibers (photo credit).

April 20, 2011

What's on My Wheel Wednesday

I would like to introduce What's on My Wheel Wednesday.  This is where I will be sharing with you what I am currently spinning.  If I don't have anything on my wheel I will share what I am knitting or what is going on in my studio (or living room, ha ha).  I hope you enjoy as always and would love for you to share with me what you have on your wheel or project you are working on.

I currently have a single spun.  I spun this on Saturday at my fiber guild meeting.  It's merino wool in the Bountiful colorway I bought from Greenwood Fiberworks.  I am planning on plying it.  I was thinking maybe a 2-ply marl yarn like I have been doing or maybe try my hand at Navajo plying.  What do you think?   

April 17, 2011

My Sheep Fleece

I bought a Corriedale Fleece on Wednesday from Whitefishbay Farm in Door County Wisconsin and on Friday my wonderful husband went to pick it up.  The fleece is from a sheep name Vespa and there is six pounds of fluff.  I was so excited to do something with it I watched a video on how to wash a fleece in your kitchen sink and decided to give it a try.  I ended up washing it twice with Dawn dish soap and I did a hot rinse twice.  Finally, I laid it on a screen outside to dry.  There is still a bit of lanolin on it but it didn't get felted so, I think I did pretty darn good.  Now I just have to wait for a nice sunny day to wash the rest outside.

My bag of fleece.

It is beautiful!

Washing a little bit of the wool in my kitchen sink.

Letting the freshly washed wool dry.

Unwashed wool on the left and just washed wool on the right.