May 30, 2011

Craft Show!

Our outdoor booth!

Last week Saturday I did a craft show.  It was my first actual show as a fiber artist.  I've done a couple demos with my fiber arts guild but I just put my stuff on the table I really didn't have to do much.  The Thursday before the show I got a call from my new fiber friend who is another member from the guild asking me if we wanted to do a craft show together.  I quickly said yes!  Different member from the guild was unable to do the show and gave us her booth at no charge if we could sell some of her items.

Jessie my fiber friend and I packed up a truck and drove almost 2 and a half hours down to the botanical gardens near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Since we didn't have much prep time we didn't have a proper table cloth, just fabric thrown over the table.  I had done a couple of craft shows a few years ago when I made beaded jewelry so I had a few displays that worked really well.  We borrowed clips and a wire rack display from Jessie's mother that worked out perfect for hanging yarn and knit items.

My art batts, yarn, and  Jessie's fabric hair clips.

Yarn and knit items.

My fiber art jewelry.

Jessie's purses and wrist-warmers.

One thing I would suggest is to have side panels for a tent if you are doing an outdoor event.  You never know when it will rain.  Of course it rained for us.  The table cloths got soaked.  We pulled all of our product closer and several attendees huddled in our booth with us when it was really down pouring.  There was space inside so when the rain lightened up we hauled everything indoors.  I think our outdoor display looks much prettier.

Our indoor booth.

There were quite a few thing that we could of done better and we'll just have to try next time.  That's right we are going to be doing a few more craft shows this summer.  Jessie and I had such a great time and she makes such beautiful fiber art we decided to become business partners.  I will have to further introduce you to Jessie in a later post.  But let me tell you I am excited to be working with such a talented individual.

May 25, 2011

What's on My Wheel: More Art Yarn

I don't have anything on my wheel today but I will share with you what I recently spun.  I have been making some art yarn batts and I spun one up to demo during the craft show I did on Saturday (more about it on Friday).  I blended some wool and bamboo in white.  Then I added wool in purple, blue and pink.   Finally I threw in some silk noil in coordinating colors for some more texture and turquoise wool locks for some contrast.

The batt I spun is in the middle.
The batt getting spun.
The final yarn from the batt.

May 23, 2011

Made it: A Creativity Clutch

The Creativity Clutch: front closed

Last Monday I went with a group of friends to d.i.y Studio and Gifts in downtown Green Bay Wisconsin for a sewing class.  It was a lot of fun and know I will be taking a class there again (not just sewing).  We made a creativity clutch and I think I did a pretty darn good job (lots of good help included).  I think I may even tell people I can sew.
I've already used the clutch and let me tell you it is still sewn together, talk about craftsmanship.  I used it for a craft show I did on Saturday (more about that later in the week).  Everything fit in it just right I know I will be using it for my next craft show.  Since it is so pretty I may even use it when I set up my dye garden, a place to keep my notes when I am out in the garden.  I'll try not to get it dirty, we'll see how that goes.
So I challenge you to brush up on your skills and take a class in your area, you may just have lots of fun.

The Creativity Clutch: inside

The Creativity Clutch: back opened

May 18, 2011


That is what I am.  Busy, well not like super busy.  I just have some things coming up (like a craft show) and I panic and just start doing everything a little slower.  Weird huh?  I don't know if I like the last minute pressure or what.  So I would like to apologize for not posting in a bit.  I would actually like to do a lot more with this little blog, make it into something special.  So if you bear with me, I will make it happen.
I would like to include other fiber or indie artist here in a few features.  I have been up to a few things that I will post about.  Hopefully soon, like I washed my fleece!  I got a hold of a drum carder via a very nice fiber loving friend so I will have to show off my creations.  I'm excited that I found something I absolutely love, being a fiber artist.  That scares me, and I'm not sure why.  Is this normal?  What do you love to do that scares you?  I would love to hear your thoughts.


May 9, 2011

Made it: Clara's Monster

So my brother-in-law and his wife just had a baby girl and what better gift for their new bundle of joy but a knitted monster.  I discovered the wonderfully fun knitting patterns of Rebecca Danger on Etsy and had to just give one a try.  I bought a few of the patterns from her shop and loved them and wanted to knit more monsters.  Then a few weeks ago I saw her book of knitted monsters at my local craft store and just had to have it.  I chose Irving the icebox monster to knit because he is small and cute.  Plus he wouldn't take long to knit.  I think my Irving looks more like a girl but that is up to my new niece Clara to decide about her monster.  Take a look...

Irving the icebox monster.

May 4, 2011

What's on My Wheel Wednesday: Looking for Spring, Green!

I have some beautiful kettle dyed roving in shades of green from Neauveau Fiber Arts on a bobbin that needs to be plied.  So it is going to be back on my wheel really soon.  I spun it on Sunday as part of a spinning demonstration with my guild for Heritage Hill State Historical Park.  It was their opening for the spring season.  I showed off my spinning skills and answered questions about my craft.  I had a good time and I even sold some felted soap, so that was a plus.  I think there needs to be a little more spring green around here.  It was a cool and windy day and I'm glad I was spinning inside.  At least I can spin up pretty green yarn even if mother nature won't get going and bring some nice spring weather here.