May 23, 2011

Made it: A Creativity Clutch

The Creativity Clutch: front closed

Last Monday I went with a group of friends to d.i.y Studio and Gifts in downtown Green Bay Wisconsin for a sewing class.  It was a lot of fun and know I will be taking a class there again (not just sewing).  We made a creativity clutch and I think I did a pretty darn good job (lots of good help included).  I think I may even tell people I can sew.
I've already used the clutch and let me tell you it is still sewn together, talk about craftsmanship.  I used it for a craft show I did on Saturday (more about that later in the week).  Everything fit in it just right I know I will be using it for my next craft show.  Since it is so pretty I may even use it when I set up my dye garden, a place to keep my notes when I am out in the garden.  I'll try not to get it dirty, we'll see how that goes.
So I challenge you to brush up on your skills and take a class in your area, you may just have lots of fun.

The Creativity Clutch: inside

The Creativity Clutch: back opened

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