February 24, 2012

Wool Over Wire

So I decided to give core-spinning wool over wire a try.  I saw this technique when I first started spinning so I didn't think I was even close to attempting it a year and a half ago but last week I gave it a try.  I learned how to core-spin where you wrap your fibers over a another piece of yarn or crochet thread.  So instead of wrapping your fibers over yarn I wrapped them over wire.  I used some 26 gauge wire I had from my previous jewelry making crafts, carded a batt from wool, bamboo, soy silk, recycled sari silk and of course some Angelina for sparkle.  This is what I got:

Wire-spun yarn!

Fiber core-spun over wire.

I then decided it would be fun to make some jewelry with the wire yarn.  So I knit a rectangle for the necklace on size 15 needles and stretched it out a bit.  For the bracelet I knit another longer rectangle and bent the wire so it would curve.  I use one of Jessie's handmade buttons for the clasp part.  This is what I got:

Wire-spun yarn and knit necklace and cuff.

Wire-spun yarn knit into a necklace.

Cuff knit from wire-spun yarn with a handmade button.

Back view of cuff / bracelet

What do you think?


  1. Wow that is some cool stuff! I can't wait till I get my wheel to try something similar.