May 18, 2012

Shepard's Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival

We had our very first official fiber fest over the weekend.  We were vendors at the Shepard's Harvest in Elmo, Minnesota.  It was a huge success for us as newbie vendors and indie fiber artist.  Many people were surprised that this was our first time vending at a fiber festival.  I hope that was a good thing.  Check out our booth!

Our booth at the Shepard's Harvest Fiber Festival.

Batts, batts and more fiber art batts!

Hand-spun Yarn.

Hand-dyed fiber and silk scarves.

 We almost sold out of mini fiber batts (1 ounce art batts).  Jessie and I made 26 and came back with 3.  The Angelina flew out the door.  It was most popular with the little old ladies, yes you read that correctly little old ladies.  Silk hankies (mawatas) were very popular as well.  I carded 125 fiber art batts and came back with 60.  Even a few going to be spinners took some home.  StevenBe took 10 of our batts to sell in his shop(s) and Artisan Knit Works bought a dozen of our hand-spun yarns to sell in her shop.  You can now find our fiber in Minnesota and Michigan (as well as Wisconsin of course).

Me by all the fiber art batts I carded.

Jessie by her buttons and some of the hand-spun yarn.

I appreciate everyone that came by our booth and bought some of our fabulous fiber.  It is what keeps us going and get to do something we love.  It also helps us support those small farms.  We got some beautiful fleeces (sheep and alpaca) from local small farms.  I'll show you what I will be carding into some new batts soon.  We had lots of fun and would love to do it again next year!


  1. I stopped by your booth at Shepherd's Harvest after recognizing your logo from the Phat Fiber box. I also heard that my LYS - Knitter's Palette in Lakeville, MN - is selling your fiber now. Exciting! I especially love it because I was born and raised in Green Bay. It's always nice to see a little something (no matter what it is) from back home.

    1. That's so fun to hear! Thanks for checking things out here.