April 29, 2013

Hiking at Dave's Falls

Me and the family when on a little hiking trip this weekend.  Well we walked around a park for a few hours in the afternoon.  We drove to Dave's Falls County Park in Amberg Wisconsin.  The paths were a icy and had snow yet.  What did you expect this is April in Wisconsin.  Don't you just love it?!  I normally don't blog about this sort of thing but I was inspired by the different textures I saw.  I've been inspired and I would love to translate my photos into fiber art.

The rushing water of Dave's Falls County Park.

Moss on the ground.

Moss on the tree and beautiful texture of the bark.

Incredible texture on the bark of this tree. 

The flowing water at Dave's Falls County Park.

A fallen tree surrounded by fallen leaves.
Tree with moss.  The ground covered with leaves and pine needles.

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