September 30, 2011

Angora Rabbits and A Giveaway!

I did the first shearing of my angora rabbits last week to get them used to shearing and help promote fiber growth.  I used a scissors for the shearing this time but, next time I will use an electric shaver (trimmer). Er, I mean Jessie will be shearing them.  I'm not as comfortable with a trimmer as Jessie is (she shaves her cocker spaniel Jazzy).  The fiber I collected this time is too short for spinning but is possible (it just may shed), it much better for felting.  The next time Jessie will shear them in 45 days and their fur will just be for felting as well.  The following shearing I should get some wonderfully soft and long angora fur.

Niblet before shearing.

Niblet after shearing.

Pearl before shearing.

Niblet after shearing.

If you haven't already seen Jessie and I are featured on After the Bump!  Head over to her blog find out a bit more about us and you could win a skein of our yarn.  The giveaway ends Sunday October 2nd so hurry!

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