March 26, 2012

Outdoor Bunny Pen

It has been really warm outside, almost summer like here in Wisconsin so my husband decided it would be nice to build the rabbits an outdoor pen for them to exercise and get some fresh air.  The rabbits are currently in a nice size hutch in the garage to keep them warm for winter and we will soon move the hutch outside.  It may snow again because that is how the weather in Wisconsin is and we did just shear them earlier in the month.  So for now they are inside but when the weather is nice I will bring them outside to play in their playpen.

So here are the rabbits enjoying the playpen outside...

Niblet and Pearl's new outdoor playpen.

Niblet nibbling some grass.

Pearl enjoying the outdoors.

Niblet and Pearl getting some fresh air and exercise.


  1. LOVE your pen! Oh great, now I'm gonna want rabbits. ;)