March 16, 2012

Shearing My Rabbits

I have two German Angora rabbits that needed to be sheared a few weeks ago.  So Jessie came over and helped shear them.  The first two times we sheared them we used a scissors which took quite a long time.  This time we used dog clippers with a special blade for fine hair.  Jessie did the actual shearing since she trims her dog's hair and I assisted in the holding.  The rabbits did very well with the whole process and now that it is getting warmer I'm sure they enjoy less fur.  It is necessary for the rabbit's health to get sheared so they won't over heat or have mats which are uncomfortable for them.  Then I get to have wonderful fiber to spin.

Pearl before shearing.

Pearl after shearing.

Niblet before shearing.

Niblet after shearing.
Pearl's fur (bottom) and Niblet's fur (top).

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