June 11, 2011

Washing Sheep Fleece

Jessie and I washed the rest of the Corriedale sheep fleece I have.  We fluffed the fleece.  Used hot water, like boiling hot water and let the wool soak in soapy (I used just regular blue Dawn dish soap) water for a little while.  Emptied the dirty water and repeated the hot water and soap soak until the fleece was bright white.  It took about 4 hours for us to wash the 6 pounds of wool (including a lunch break).   I laid the clean fleece on a drying rack the the hubby put together in 20 minutes.  He made it from an old wooden shelf and left over plastic mesh from a retaining wall he put up.  I also used some screen doors from an old homemade lizard cage to dry the wool on.

Me fluffing the wool.

Fluffed wool getting ready to be washed.

Everything for washing.

Jessie washing wool.

Wool getting clean.

Clean wool drying.

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