June 15, 2011

What's on my Wheel: A Spun Single

So I was taught when you spin your fiber into yarn it is a single.  When you take two single yarns and ply them together you get a two ply yarn.  There for you can never have a single ply because a ply can never be single.  To ply means to twist the two or more singles together.  You can have a three or four or even a five ply yarn.  I just wanted to clarify that because what was on my wheel for today's post, a yarn single (because I didn't ply it).  I washed it and set the twist.  I love the colors of this skein so much I think I am going to keep it for myself.  (Sorry for the bad lighting, I had to use my flash).

The yarn single on my wheel.

The finished single of yarn.

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