January 7, 2013

Made it! The Elk Tooth Shawl

Me in my Elk Tooth Shawl.

So I was almost finished knitting the Elk Tooth Shawl when I realized I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish the pattern.  So I spun up some milk fiber in a bright blue for some nice contrast.  I wanted to put a stripe in the middle and not just use the blue yarn at the end and make it look like I ran out of yarn and just put it in to finish.  That meant I had to undo or frog (rip it, rip it, rip it) some of my knitting.

Blocking the Elk Tooth Shawl I knit

I didn't know for sure where I was in the pattern so I knit a few extra rows just in case.  Well that didn't help at the end because after I added the rows of bright blue and knew I wouldn't have enough yarn to finish again.  I didn't want to start over and didn't want to add a new color.  I spun up all of the bright blue milk fiber.  Jessie could have dyed me more but I wanted to finish it so I could wear it too my husband's work Christmas party.  So instead of the seed stitch at the end I knit stockinette to keep the same look as the top and make a smaller trim.  If I had more yarn I would have liked to keep the pattern because I like the look of the seed stitch.

I added bright blue milk fiber yarn.

I have never blocked a shawl before and wasn't sure it would turn out but I think it looks nice.  I just soaked it in warm soapy water (non rinse soap).  Gently squeezed and laid it on a towel that I put over a piece of cardboard.  I pinned it down so it wouldn't curl up.  Blocking it also helped show the YO (yarn over) stitches better.

Back view of the Elk Tooth Shawl I knit.

So what do you think?

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