January 15, 2011

Gallery Opening

Friday night I got to attend a gallery opening for the Milkweed Project and Other Flawless Fiber at the Eclipse Gallery in Algoma Wisconsin.  I saw some very beautiful works of art.

So, I had not been to a gallery since college, which is very sad.  Going to a gallery is a great opportunity to look at art up close and personal.  Going has got my creative juices flowing I think I am going to dive into more art photography (which I did a lot of in college) and maybe even some creative fiber works of art (which I have never tried).  Do I see a cohesive body of work in the making?  I sure hope so.  I say if you have the opportunity to visit a gallery go, it may just be fun and inspiring.
The Milkweed Project

Artwork of Alison Gates

Artwork of Mindy Sue Wittock

Artwork of Vicki Brower

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