January 17, 2011

Made it: A Velcro and Tag Baby Blanket

So I didn't consider myself a sewer until I made the baby blanket from Merriment Designs.  The tutorial is really easy to follow so if you don't think you can sew it is worth a try.  All you really have to do is sew a straight line.  This blanket is a very clever design because it includes Velcro tabs where a toy can be attached.  It was a quick project to finish so I made one for my little guy and a friend's little guy.  I think I am going to have to make one for my future niece.  I have a little time before I have to start working on it since she isn't due until May.

Working on the blanket.

The finished blanket.

Another finished blanket.

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  1. So cute! Love your fabric choices - cute robot stuffed animal too. Thanks for the feedback on the tutorial; I'm glad that it was helpful. And if you're on Flickr, you're welcome to add your photos to our new "I made it!" group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/merrimentdesign/